Sectaurs - Ax-Back (view 1)
Sectaurs - Ax-Back (view 2)
Sectaurs - Ax-Back (view 3)
Sectaurs - Bodyball Statue (view 1)
Sectaurs - Bodyball Statue (view 2)
Sectaurs - Bodyball Statue (view 3)
Sectaurs - Gyrofly (view 1)
Sectaurs - Gyrofly (view 2)
Sectaurs - Gyrofly (view 3)
Sectaurs - Night Fighting Dargon (view 1)
Sectaurs - Night Fighting Dargon (view 2)
Sectaurs - Rhine-Ox (view 1)
Sectaurs - Rhine-Ox (view 2)
Sectaurs - Rhine-Ox (view 3)
Sectaurs - Snagg (view 1)
Sectaurs - Snagg (view 2)
Sectaurs - Stellara (view 1)
Sectaurs - Stellara (view 2)
Sectaurs - Stellara (view 3)
Sectaurs - Stellara (weapons 1)
Sectaurs - Stellara (weapons 2)
Sectaurs - Swipe (view 1)
Sectaurs - Swipe (view 2)
Sectaurs - Bag of Series 2 Accessories
  • NOTE: I identified the following using the Wayback Machine website to snag the scans of the old Coleco catalog from the message boards.
  • Unproduced 2nd Series Accessories & Parts:
  • Qty: 1 - Bandor's 3-Prong Black Whip
  • Qty: 13 - Bandor's Shield (you can barely see it, but if you had the item in person and compared taken the design of Nuckle's shield (from catalog & patent picture), you'd see that this is it.)
  • Qty: 21 - Bandor's Wavy Bladed Knife (you can barely see this on the green head/red eye guy's hip. Right side)
  • Qty: 6 - Night Fighting Spidrax's "tri-star weapon".
  • Qty: 1 - Night Fighting Spidrax's Staff
  • Qty: 1 - Night Fighting Spidrax's Creature Leash - Now the only reason I think this is what I say it is, is because of the patent drawing that was posted right before the boards went down. You see that NF Spidrax would've come w/ a creature and he's holding a leash that's around it's neck. However what I have is a bit off of the picture. Near the handle, going down about half way, are spikes on one side of the leash. Also, the neck part isn't adjustable. It's a solid loop. However, the entire thing is glow-in-the-dark plastic. So my money is I'm right on this. :)
  • Qty: 12 - Stellara's Gun (I know since I have her ;) )
  • Qty: 7 - Stellara's Shield
  • Qty: 1 - Stellara's Shield (Broken - no handle)
  • Qty: 1 - Stellara's Dagger
  • Qty: 2 - 2nd Series Dargon's Dagger (you see him holding it in his left hand)
  • Qty: 1 - 2nd Series Dargon's Gun (you see him holding it in his right hand)
  • Qty: 1 - 2nd Series Dargon's Goggles (now, what I have looks very similar to Night Fighting Dargon's Trinoculars, but the texture seems a bit off. What is hanging around the 2nd series Dargon's neck looks like it could be it, but you can't see the entire thing. Considering the vast majority of 2nd series accessories in the envelope, I'm putting my money on it being this.)
  • Qty: 1 - Evil Gun Controls (on the 3rd image you see 2 heavy artillery batteries. One good guy and one bad guy. This is the silver handgrips of the bad guy one)
  • Series 1 Accessories
  • Qty: 1 - Skulk's Vengun
  • Qty: 1 - Mantor's Crossbow
  • Qty: 1 - Mantor's Vengun
  • Qty: 1 - Night Fighting Dargon's Trinoculars
  • Qty: 1 - It looks like Dargon's left hand snapped off at the wrist
  • Qty: 1 - Raplor Part - Look at Raplor's back. That black knob piece at it's tail end is what I have. It has a fragment of string attached to the underside, so I imagine this is used as part of it's action.
  • Other
  • Qty: 1 - Evil Emblem - Look at the picture with the big green armed bad guy. See the new evil shield he has? See the insignia on the shield? Well this emblem matches that emblem in size. It's as if it snapped out of a shield at some point. Thing is, it's not like any of the emblems on the 14 shields I have. It's a darker grey and shiny. Where as all the sheilds are the same light/muted/dull gray. It is plastic though. The back looks as if some sort of adhesive was on it, but it's not at all tacky anymore.
  • Qty: 1 - Black Belt - I looked at a bunch of 1st series guys online and this belt doesn't match any of them. Honestly, it fits the 2nd series Dargon's gun near perfectly. In the catalog picture, 2nd series Dargon isn't wearing a belt or harnass, however he's got to keep the knife and gun someplace right? I think this might be it. No knife slot on the other side though, so I'm not 100% sold. But a future body harness might have had a space for one. *shrug*.